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de 500 000 FCFA

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Senespace Box is an online box sale site by category but also by subscription. A box is a surprise box in which there are objects linked to a theme. In our case, one of the objects in the box will be highlighted.
The business circuit is made up of 2 main parts: Monthly Subscription (small box, medium, large and premium formula), Boutique (21 categories to choose from).
-For the monthly subscription, a user pays monthly a fixed price according to a formula that he will have chosen beforehand. He will therefore be delivered a box randomly designed in relation to the chosen formula.
-For the store, as soon as the user makes his purchase, the box he ordered will be delivered to him as soon as possible.

Let us prove the profitability of this business just with the minimum box drawn from a single category. (anti-covid 19 category)

With 15,000 XOF (27,58 $) invested:

one buys :

5 cardboard boxes at 200 XOF each = 1000 XOF

1 box of surgical masks = 4,100 XOF

1 box of 100 latex gloves = 7,000 XOF

5 anti-bacterial gels at 570 XOF each = 2850 XOF


TOTAL = 14950 XOF


10 surgical masks> 820 XOF
20 latex gloves> 1,400 XOF
1 anti-bacterial gel> 570 XOF
TOTAL = 2 790 XOF

If we sell the pack at 3000 XOF, we will have a profit of 210 XOF per box.

210 XOF x 5 boxes = 1050 XOF

1050 XOF x 30 days = 31,500 XOF

31,500 XOF x 12 months = 378,000 XOF (695,04$)

So that in a period of 5 years, just for the smallest box in the anti-covid 19 category, we will have a profit of 378,000 x 5 = 1,890,000 XOF (3 475,22$)

imagine that there are 21 categories, each with its variable boxes, accessible to all social classes.

I am a young student in need of funds and this idea can reduce unemployment and irregular emigration, just give us a helping hand.

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